Let us revolutionalize your business startups with strategic "Partnerships and Alliances"

    Office Infrastructure Setups and Business Assistance for Startups

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited’s platforms for entrepreneurs have helped lot of startups to have their own setup to work and collaborate each other’s services creating a consortium for entrepreneurs. Shared and Virtual offices are especially popular with startups and small businesses that want to minimize overhead. The creation of web-based office productivity software and services, such as video-conferencing, has helped drive the growth of startups.

    Infrastructure is the back-bone of any business without which no business can run smoothly. Further, the speed, efficiency and productivity of the team and of operations is also largely dependent on the infrastructure you have. Many companies rely very heavily on the infrastructure for their daily business operations, making infrastructure management and maintenance very critical. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited through its empowered network of Partnerships and Alliances, enhances the operations of the growth-potential startups by providing the efficient infrastructure management which, can minimize or eliminate downtime, giving business owners and users a flexible and powerful tool to protect the performance of their valuable business operations.



    Through endorsements, ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited confers on a brand, a larger-than-life image.


    Social Endorsements is a social advertising that uses famous personalities or celebrities who command a high degree of recognition, trust, respect or awareness among the people.

    Modern Barter

    Bartering is the exchange of goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money.

    Modern Barter

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited help companies to barter goods and services through brand endorsements between each other, based on equivalent estimates of prices and goodies.


    We empower your commercial endorsements such as signature, contracts, insurance, support and adverts.


    Investment, land, developments, and other commercial transactions often involve one or more specific endorsements. Let us help you make it a grand success!

    “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”

    Co-Branding is the utilization of two or more brands to name a new product. The ingredient brands help each other to achieve their aims. The overall synchronization between the brand pair and the new product has to be kept in mind. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited proffers you or your company with Co-branding opportunities for the factors such as risk-sharing, generation of royalty income, more sales income, greater customer trust on the product, wide scope due to joint advertising, technological benefits, better product image by association with another renowned brand, and greater access to new sources of finance.

    Co-Branding tends to create an overall marketing synergy by creating a larger customer base which combines the existing customer base of the brand pairs, highlighting the best features of every brand. Businesses operating online also hold the added visibility of their business website and other properties so as to further promote the campaign.

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