360° Marketing Approach

    A 360° approach is about taking an informed and holistic view of the entire customer journey – from discovery, all the way through to purchase, with an informed and data-led action plan designed to move this process along as smoothly as possible. No more internal politics or varying ways of working across departments. Instead, there is total alignment with the customer, who is front-and-center of every process, so you can deliver uniform answers to questions like: Where’s the best place to find your customers? How is best to engage them? And what actions can be taken to convert and delight them?

    The enhanced level of data at our fingertips means we can make this vision a reality. We can create a timed series of marketing actions – based on real data – and then roll out this plan in a calculated way across the media channels that are preferred by our customers. This is all done with the express intent of moving customers and prospects throughout their customer journey, to achieve measurable business outcomes. Below are the 4 factors we implement in your 360 degree marketing strategy, they are:

    • Develop the marketing strategy necessary to grow your business
    • Understand the sales and marketing process in the digital age
    • Increase your ability to segment customers based on their unique needs
    • Discover the reasons why many businesses never reach their full potential

    Demographic Segmentation:

    Demographic segmentation divides the market into smaller categories based on demographic factors, such as age, gender and income. Instead of reaching an entire market, a brand uses this method to focus resources into a defined group within that market.
    Dividing the market into smaller segments, each with a common variable, allows companies to use their time and resources more efficiently. They can better understand the prospective market, and use advertising personalization to ensure the needs of the targeted group are fulfilled. Demographic segmentation helps you with:

    • Building long-lasting customer relationships
    • Improve your products and services
    • Optimize your marketing strategies
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Income & Occupation
    • Ethnicity & Religion
    • Family Structure

    Demographic Segmentation variables:

    1. Age: Age is the most basic variable of them all, albeit the most important because consumer preferences continually change with age. Almost all marketing campaigns target age-specific audiences.
    2. Gender: Men and women generally have different likes, dislikes, needs, and thought processes. For instance, few men apply makeup, and most women don’t wear boxers. Also, women typically do most of the household grocery shopping and are more likely than men to donate to charitable causes. These are all key factors to consider when creating a campaign.
    3. Income and occupation: Income targeting lets you measure the buying power of your audience. When you know the income range of consumers, you can usually find data to support how people spend money on both the higher and lower end of the spectrum.
    4. Ethnicity and Religion: With the tremendous increase in international business and global advertising, brings an increase in segmentation based on ethnicity, race, nationality, and religion. These groups have many individual cultures that come with conflicting interests, preferences, attitudes, and beliefs. This could impact both their response to marketing and their buying habits.
    5. Family Structure: Family makeup can be extremely useful in segmentation because when a family’s dynamic changes, its needs and desires often do too. This strongly affects their buying habits and your sales process.

    How can we help?

    “Our dream was our desire, today, our desire is to dream”. We had a doubt that will ParsBEM would be able to take care of Matrix’s Market research and strategic planning for multiple countries? But, only in the time span of 60 days we got a clear clarity of where and what areas we should target in. As we are located in Germany, we never hoped for a better vision about other countries. We appreciate it, Mr. Dharia, grow more! You will surely have our back.
    Onkar Kalwade
    Goa’n Culture is very different. People come to visit Goa but they never follow our culture. We never thought we would merge with a company for any of the marketing services. But, working with you guys, it was magnificent! What an attitude, what a diversity, what an urge for innovations, I never saw any of the promotional and branding partners in Goa. We are really happy to work with you! Goa is life for us, you made it worth for living, to my clients and customers.
    Devsurabhi Yaduvanshi
    It has been great working with ParsBEM, the designs and ambiance for my cafetaurant, literally pulled enormous amount of customers over at my place. I have made my decisions to open up same themed cafetaurants with your help for branding and interiors. I have not seen any companies who provide almost every service under one roof. I feel like TCL is the going to become the king of cafetaurants soon!
    Bhushan Waghmare
    Owner (Proprietor)
    It is indeed our pleasure to be your channel partners. Our technology and your innovations for branding, we do make a good team. “Sky is the limit for us”
    Sanjay Deshpande
    “You help us to serve better food to our customers”. It is very difficult to start a restaurant, as everyone have the same doubt whether it will run feasibly or not. For us, there was literally no doubt to care about branding and promotions. You seriously showed us that, “we deserve better”.
    Sachin D.
    “Better Service starts here”. We are explaining this with very simple words, as I found out that our company was just a company before, today, it is a brand. We hope you will continue the same till we become the top real-estate developers in India.
    Amol Pataskar
    Managing Director


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