The Significance of Market Entry Analysis

    Whether you are introducing a new product to the market or entering a new market with an existing product, a coherent market entry analysis is necessary. Your business needs to evaluate any barriers to entry, such as cost, legal considerations, industry regulations and existing competition. If there are no significant barriers to market entry, your business should proceed in designing and implementing its market entry strategy. Your business’ product or service should fill a market gap. In other words, you need to provide something that doesn’t already exist in the marketplace.

    Your business could also fill a gap by doing something better or cheaper than anyone else. Identifying what market gap you fill is helpful in positioning your product or service. Following to GAP analysis, for better performance and to continuously strive to increase the performance standards, business benchmarking is the second most essential objective of the organization as it identifies the areas where the gap between their standard and that of the industry is the largest.

    We clearly define the market for your identification of your product or service in the market, scrutinizing entry barriers.
    We assess the internal capabilities of the company considering the core competencies which a company can leverage.
    Prioritize, select target market, develop market entry options and know the whereabouts about the competitors to monopolize your products or services.

    Our specialists teams can help you with:

    • Helping your business to strengthening its position world-wide
    • Minimising your investment risk
    • Identifying potential threats and opportunities for your business
    • Discovering your’s and your’s competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
    • By facilitating your business’s strategic planning
    • Helping in spotting emerging trends, operations and technology
    • Assisting your business to stay ahead of competition
    • Assessing your business with proper revenue projections
    • Focussing on customer needs and demands
    • Helping you to evaluate the success of your business against benchmarks

    Key Deliverable and Insights

    Key Deliverable:

    • Analyze market size and growth potential.
    • Purchasing patterns and criteria.
    • Assessment of competitors and their strategies.
    • Explore distribution channels.
    • Identify potential partners and customers.
    • Investigation of promotional activities.
    • Refining pricing strategies and price points system.
    • Typical understanding of purchase decision makers and influencers, how they view your product or service, your business and your market position.
    • 99.3% accuracy.

    Key Insights:

    • India’s expected growth for FMCG market by 2025 – 32.4%.
    • India’s startup and product development rise by 2022 – 27%.
    • India’s improper financial assessment planning for businesses & startups – 32%.
    • India’s marketing effectiveness strategies which fails for startups and other businesses – 28%.
    • Decisions made for brand effectives & perspectives directly in store – 56%.
    • India’s Segmentation & Strategy for hospitality, retail & other business sectors till 2025 – 17%.
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