"A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it"
    – Henry Ward Beecher

    Our experienced legal advisory professionals provide client-tailored and business-oriented advice, as well as local representation and administrative support in multiple sectors. We offer broad scope of legal advisory services aimed at supporting decision-making process of corporations, financial institutions and private equity investors on the issues of acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings and other matters related to corporate and commercial law.

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited is aware of the complexity and diversity of our clients’ needs and understand that sometimes, recognizing their specific requirements may be the decisive factor in achieving the successful completion of the transaction.

    General Corporate Advisory
    Great Businesses Need Great Lawyers. Our Legal Advisory Services command the requisite expertise to assist Indian and Foreign companies on all aspects of legal, regulatory and tax compliance. Corporate law includes the interactions between directors, shareholders, creditors, employees, consumers, the environment and the community with one another.
    Contract Drafting
    Our legal contract drafting services expand from creating agreements and court-specific documents from scratch, editing to proof-reading and copy-editing pre-drafted documents. Our team of experts can also analyse the clauses of agreements and court documents and redraft them to ensure that they have the same meaning when applied in a different jurisdiction.
    Operational Advisory
    "Operational Legal Advisory" is a multi-disciplinary function that aims to optimize the delivery of legal advisory to an organisation. Managing and developing the team, aligning their work with other corporate support functions, complying with company-wide governance processes, managing external vendors, evaluating and implementing technology solutions.
    Commercial, Corporate and Civil Litigation
    We provide comprehensive representation deals with various aspects such as company incorporation, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, amalgamations, establishment of company by foreign entity or people residing outside India, corporate finance, corporate structuring, administration and management of companies and various other compliance.
    International and Domestic Arbritration
    We are actively involved in Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation conducted under the Arbitration Act, 1996 including arbitration proceedings with Government bodies. International arbitration has different rules than domestic arbitration, and has its own non-country-specific standards of ethical conduct.
    Information Technology and Cyber Crimes
    Cyber Crime, the fastest growing criminal activities across the world is carried out online, using the internet through computers. With the growth in the IT sector it is important for companies to be sensitive to the complete gamut of laws which apply such as the Information Technology Act.
    Environmental Matters
    We advise clients in all matters concerning the environmental laws. A related but distinct set of regulatory regimes, now strongly influenced by environmental legal principles, focus on the management of specific natural resources, such as forests, minerals, or fisheries. Other areas, such as environmental impact assessment is also important components of environmental law.
    Corporate Criminal Matters
    Corporate crimes are those crimes which are committed by corporations or members of corporations where liability is imposed for performing any acts or omissions which are punishable by law. We facilitate initiation and purview of matters having criminal implications in regard to corporate affairs. Here, it is essential to opt for legal advisory services.
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    One of the best ways to grow and gain market share is through a merger or acquisition, however, M&A’s are also some of the most daunting deals a firm can undertake. Under our commercial and corporate law practices we have the ability to deliver results by combining expert counsel and commercial pragmatism so as to benefit our clients.


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