Fundraising assistance - How it works?

    Talking about Fundraising, starting your new venture or expanding your existing one to new markets, is one of the riskiest and toughest decision that you would have to make. Whereas nobody wants to make it riskier and tougher by not planning adequately, in every sense, may it be technical, financial, geographical, or any of the other factors. Get yourself a perfect Business Plan, with ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited! A solid and PoC (Proof of Concept) verified business plan helps you become “Investor Ready“. We handcraft each pitch deck to engage the investor, which propels them to be convinced with your idea. Having analyzed all aspects of your business and backing your statements with “Research, Calculations and Validated Projections“, ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited makes you much more confident, efficient and a ready winner in fund-raising business model. Leverage our experience and expertise in preparing business plans to prepare a world class Business Plan & Financial Model! The fundraising process usually starts with a five-step process as defined below:

    Investment Assessment: To start with Fundraising, we analyze your business plan, business model and equip you with necessary plans, strategies and tactics, which can make your business plan and business model qualify for the fundraising run!

    Readiness Program: A comprehensive and conglomerate readiness program for the business owners which can align all the required expertise to qualify for the fundraising run!

    PoC and Reports: A comprehensive and conglomerate set of business reports, including market study and business projects which turns your business idea, plan and model into a working and achieving business, with validated traction and transactions.

    SEED Funding: Arrangement of funds required for fundraising, to start and power-up for the first milestone. Did it sound as a complex task to you? Not anymore! We simply the things for you here with various strategies and fund-raising opportunities, under our “Business Setup – Consulting” business vertical.

    Investment Assessment

    Starts with an Analyst, ends with a Strategist.

    Readiness Program

    CEO is the one who must be a MASTER at all departments.

    PoC and Reports

    Let’s gather all the evidences and validate each one, to make your business an ensured success!

    SEED Funding

    First stepping stone for your business!

    Investor Mapping

    Accelerate your business to the next level.

    Investor Mapping: We grow when you succeed! We help your business and accelerate it to the next level it “Investor Network Mapping“. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited works as your business accelerator and make it possible for you to win at the fundraising run!

    Let us guide you!

    A perfect plan can guarantee a WIN for your business!

    With our team of experts, and a huge network of investors, like PE (Private Equity)-VC (Venture Capital) Investors inclusive of ANgel Investors, IB (Investment Bankers) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) firms, we are here to incubate, accelerate and help you expand your business venture, enabling it to reach new heights of success!

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    Investment Assessment

    Validating your business idea, plans and models to map the SUCCESS RATE

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited equips you with an innovative set of Investment Research Services which helps you evaluate and/or assess your business idea, plan and model for the long-run of Investments / Fundraising. This usually consists of a few step simple process as:

    Industry and company / venture analysis >> Competitive Benchmarking >> Economic Research and Analysis >> Idea Validation >> Equity Research >> Market and Analysis >> tractions and Transactions

    Having your businesses’ Investment Assessment done, is always a good practice before even thinking of raising funds for your business!

    Readiness Program

    A Ready-Team has the highest chance of winning at every game

    A startup team and/or an established business team has always a lot to learn before it can think of presenting its plan in front of the investors! ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited‘s POOL of experts makes it easy for and/or your team to pass this challenge easily with an enhanced training program. The investment readiness program generally consists of all major verticals and/or aspects to be focused up on. Major parts included are as follows:

    Personality Development, Communication Skills, Commercial Expertise, Business Expertise, Management Skills, Team Management and Leadership Skills, Operations Management, Demand and Supply with SCM (Supply Chain Management), Governmental Policies and Benefits, Financial Management, Marketing Strategies, Technical / Technological Assessment.

    • investment-readiness-program

    • fundraising POC reports services

    PoC and Reports

    Quantify and Qualify your needs, business data and financial projections

    Financial analysis and overall business analytics play a vital role in your fundraising run. Investors verify, validate and examine everything thoroughly before even thinking of making an investment in your business venture. Being accelerators, ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited plays an important role or being a two-way bridge and lifts a lion’s share in your Business-to-Investor road-map. For PE (Private Equity)-VC (Venture Capital) Investors, IB (Investment Bankers) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) firms, while playing a role of your investor, it is very important for them to have the following checks done about your, your core business team and you business venture:

    DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) & Relative Valuation >> MIS (Management Information System) Dashboards >> LBO (Leveraged Buy-Out), M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) Modeling >> Precedent Transactions Analysis >> Comparative Company Analysis >> Sensitivity Analysis >> Financial Due Diligence >> SEED Funding Analysis >> Funds Utilization Factors >> Assets and Valuation

    With ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited, the power of our PoC (Proof of Concepts) Reports and other relative business reports equip you with everything in the above list, with an added X-factor at every aspect, in-turn increasing your chance to win at every step!

    SEED Funding

    Beginning of a new business era

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited recently launched “SEED Fund Support System” for Startups in it’s Incubation program. The purpose of the SEED fund is to provide a technology driven as well as other growth oriented business startups with the much-needed early stage financial support for up-scaling and related work. Incubatees of ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited are encouraged to contact us for further information.

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited enables and empowers you to raise your SEED funds from its associated investor and accelerator network.

    • seed funding

    • investor mapping

    Investor Mapping

    Explore new markets and opportunities with added team of experts, supporters and promoters

    Finding a right kind of investor with the best suitable investment and RoI (Return on Investment) methodology is the most crucial decision to make, for business owner(s) participating in the Fundraising challenge, belonging to any industry. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited, with its pool and/or network of PE (Private Equity)-VC (Venture Capital) Investors inclusive of Angel Investors, IB (Investment Bankers) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) firms, simplifies this process with various factors involved in the above stages and make it easier for a business owner to meet and join hands with the rightful investor(s). Contact us today, to accelerate your business with ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited!

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    the world
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    offices in 3 counties
    “Our dream was our desire, today, our desire is to dream”. We had a doubt that will ParsBEM would be able to take care of Matrix’s Market research and strategic planning for multiple countries? But, only in the time span of 60 days we got a clear clarity of where and what areas we should target in. As we are located in Germany, we never hoped for a better vision about other countries. We appreciate it, Mr. Dharia, grow more! You will surely have our back.
    Onkar Kalwade
    Goa’n Culture is very different. People come to visit Goa but they never follow our culture. We never thought we would merge with a company for any of the marketing services. But, working with you guys, it was magnificent! What an attitude, what a diversity, what an urge for innovations, I never saw any of the promotional and branding partners in Goa. We are really happy to work with you! Goa is life for us, you made it worth for living, to my clients and customers.
    Devsurabhi Yaduvanshi
    It has been great working with ParsBEM, the designs and ambiance for my cafetaurant, literally pulled enormous amount of customers over at my place. I have made my decisions to open up same themed cafetaurants with your help for branding and interiors. I have not seen any companies who provide almost every service under one roof. I feel like TCL is the going to become the king of cafetaurants soon!
    Bhushan Waghmare
    Owner (Proprietor)
    It is indeed our pleasure to be your channel partners. Our technology and your innovations for branding, we do make a good team. “Sky is the limit for us”
    Sanjay Deshpande
    “You help us to serve better food to our customers”. It is very difficult to start a restaurant, as everyone have the same doubt whether it will run feasibly or not. For us, there was literally no doubt to care about branding and promotions. You seriously showed us that, “we deserve better”.
    Sachin D.
    “Better Service starts here”. We are explaining this with very simple words, as I found out that our company was just a company before, today, it is a brand. We hope you will continue the same till we become the top real-estate developers in India.
    Amol Pataskar
    Managing Director


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