Benchmarking your Business
    “Being at least as good as the leader is a prerequisite to being a competitive”
    - Peter Drucker

    Improve your business with Business Benchmarking, which, is a common practice and sensible exercise to establish baselines, define best practices, identify improvement opportunities and create a competitive environment within the organization. Integrating business benchmarking parameters into your organization will result in valuable data that encourages discussion and sparks new ideas and practices. At its best, it can be used as a tool to help companies evaluate and prioritize improvement opportunities.

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited assists your business for – gaining an independent perspective about how well you perform compared to other companies, drilling down into performance gaps to identify areas for improvement, developing a standardized set of processes and metrics, enabling a mindset and culture of continuous improvement, setting performance expectations, monitoring company performance and manage change, which are essentials of business benchmarking.

    Conduct a seven-step evaluation of the
    market and all its key variables.
    Collect and process data from a wide
    variety of structured and unstructured
    data sources.
    Draw conclusions based on advanced
    models that run hundreds
    of thousands of ‘what-if’ simulations.

    Benchmark Your Business

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    Business Benchmarking Design your Business Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Design your product

    When you think of creating a company, all the focus is usually on what you want to make: how the app will work on someone's phone or how attractive your product will look like on store shelves. There's a new wave of entrepreneurs who believe the real key to long-term success comes from focusing on designing the company--not the product. Get a proper guide and expertise from us to design your product, paramounting your business benchmarking.
    Business Benchmarking Define your Business Strategy Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Define your business strategy

    As you start and grow a business it is important to spend time thinking about your business strategy which is, very important in business benchmarking. Think of the business strategy as your map — with it, you’ll determine the direction of your business and what you want it to look like in the future. With our DMAC Model, you’ll have the guidelines and structure to develop your business or growth plan and achieve your business goals.
    Business Benchmarking Measure your Business Performance Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Measure your business performance

    Improve Business skills so that, you can measure business performance, you need to track relevant business metrics, also known as key performance indicators that display a measurable value and shows the progress of the business goals. Measuring performance is a vital part of monitoring the growth and progress of any business in business benchmarking.
    Business Benchmarking Analyze your Business Performance Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Analyse your business requirements

    Analyzing your Business requirements is all about identifying, analyzing, and documenting the key requirements related to a business problem that needs to be solved or an organizational objective that needs to be met. Though it may seem simple enough, but we undergo the key factors by initializing required steps to make you understand your actual requirements.
    Business Benchmarking Assess your Business Performance Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Assess yourself to grow as a LEADER

    Effective leadership is also self-aware leadership. If you’ve held leadership positions during your career, you know there are times when your approach resonates with those following you and times when they don’t. Or do you? The ability to self-assess will help you see when your leadership resonates with others and when it doesn’t. Never forget, as a leader, you are the cog of your company wheel, if that cog is even slightly askew, everything’s off.
    Business Benchmarking Improvise your Business Performance Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

    In a movie, Heartbreak Ridge, he says to his soldiers, “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome,” which is the unofficial slogan among Marines. We believe that regardless of who we are or what we do, our ability to put these three words into practice is the framework for success.
    Business Benchmarking Control your Business Services offered by ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited

    Control your Marginal Business Spends

    It’s easy for small business expenses to add up quickly. If you notice revenues leeching out of your business, and you’re not quite sure why your profits aren’t what they should be, you should take stock of your spending, making sure that every outgoing penny has a purpose. 3 (Three) Essential Steps you should follow are: Create spending standards, Eliminate unnecessary monthly payments and Find as many business deals as possible.
    “Our dream was our desire, today, our desire is to dream”. We had a doubt that will ParsBEM would be able to take care of Matrix’s Market research and strategic planning for multiple countries? But, only in the time span of 60 days we got a clear clarity of where and what areas we should target in. As we are located in Germany, we never hoped for a better vision about other countries. We appreciate it, Mr. Dharia, grow more! You will surely have our back.
    Onkar Kalwade
    Goa’n Culture is very different. People come to visit Goa but they never follow our culture. We never thought we would merge with a company for any of the marketing services. But, working with you guys, it was magnificent! What an attitude, what a diversity, what an urge for innovations, I never saw any of the promotional and branding partners in Goa. We are really happy to work with you! Goa is life for us, you made it worth for living, to my clients and customers.
    Devsurabhi Yaduvanshi
    It has been great working with ParsBEM, the designs and ambiance for my cafetaurant, literally pulled enormous amount of customers over at my place. I have made my decisions to open up same themed cafetaurants with your help for branding and interiors. I have not seen any companies who provide almost every service under one roof. I feel like TCL is the going to become the king of cafetaurants soon!
    Bhushan Waghmare
    Owner (Proprietor)
    It is indeed our pleasure to be your channel partners. Our technology and your innovations for branding, we do make a good team. “Sky is the limit for us”
    Sanjay Deshpande
    “You help us to serve better food to our customers”. It is very difficult to start a restaurant, as everyone have the same doubt whether it will run feasibly or not. For us, there was literally no doubt to care about branding and promotions. You seriously showed us that, “we deserve better”.
    Sachin D.
    “Better Service starts here”. We are explaining this with very simple words, as I found out that our company was just a company before, today, it is a brand. We hope you will continue the same till we become the top real-estate developers in India.
    Amol Pataskar
    Managing Director
    employees from around
    the world
    happy clients from largest
    offices in 3 counties


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