“ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited, fantastic incubators, mentors & accelerators, I have ever caught the sight of. Out of my 2 startups, the first one took me 3 years to perform the right action, where the directors assisted us for fund-raising activities. But, the second startup was incubated, mentored and then fundraised by team ParsBEM, in just a time span of 4 months, since it actually started generating income!”

    – Director of Technology Startups & a brilliant entrepreneur

    Client challenges

    Evaluate and enter potential new markets using data-driven decision making:

    One of most common & most challenging issue the tech startups face – when and how to seek funding.
    Building & Nurturing the team of people with respect to the right designations, ensuring them with the know-hows and meeting the right goals.
    Planning the strategies and establishment of the revenue streams along with designing & derivation of pricing & setting up a right Revenue model.

    More about problem

    Knowing when and how to acquire the correct depends on many factors. It certainly impacts a start-up’s ability to fully develop its vision and technology. When it’s time to launch operations, additional resources are needed, and how and what type of investors to seek, is a complexity often not understood by founding technologists. Certainly, a critical element, if not mindfully assessed, will impact the other challenges. Overcoming this can seem daunting, and at times impossible, but companies that are shrewd and strategic in getting their message out, are more likely to attract the attention of angel investors and venture capitalists who would be willing to bankroll their innovation.

    Carefully planning as to how you spend your time, and where that time is spent is essential to success; however, many tech startups still struggle with time management. In other situations, it’s simply that those who have founded the company, are less experienced at managing teams or multiple departments, and as such they underestimate how much time a given task will take.

    Our solution

    Use agent-based modeling and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze data,
    evaluate scenarios and find winning strategies:

    Conducted Product Research & Product enhancement for customizing the right choice of revenue streams along with the subsequent technology to be used.
    Preparation of Proof of Concept report and deriving the pricing of the modules & models with respect to the technology customized.
    Raised Funds of INR 2.3 Cr. as SEED funding, after the incubation and strategic planning stages with the right revenue and Sales projections.

    More about solutions

    The most typical problems for startups include underestimating startup costs, monthly expenses and setting a wrong price for the product or service. For example, startup owners focus and spend so extensively on product development that they are left with nothing, to carry for the team, marketing activities and even, product maintenance and management. That’s why, many startups, which is recording an increasing number of new businesses, are choosing to hire right mentors, incubators & accelerators to help them with all the matters related to utilization of finances & funding, planning right strategies and helping the company to expand and grow over international markets. Having enough funds for setting up a business is crucial, but when planning your expenditure before you actually start making enough money is done accurately, then most of the issues are resolved automatically.

    For the said technology venture, ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited, not only enhance the chances for winning the market with negotiated risk factors, but also help them achieve a remarkable milestone in terms of revenue, expansion in number of services and improved customer experience. Ultimately, assisting them in meeting a rightful investor of their kind, who not only brought funds for the venture, but also came forward and teamed up as an integral part of the team, putting in value-additions in terms of market capitalization and revenue generation!

    “Our dream was our desire, today, our desire is to dream”. We had a doubt that will ParsBEM would be able to take care of Matrix’s Market research and strategic planning for multiple countries? But, only in the time span of 60 days we got a clear clarity of where and what areas we should target in. As we are located in Germany, we never hoped for a better vision about other countries. We appreciate it, Mr. Dharia, grow more! You will surely have our back.
    Onkar Kalwade
    Goa’n Culture is very different. People come to visit Goa but they never follow our culture. We never thought we would merge with a company for any of the marketing services. But, working with you guys, it was magnificent! What an attitude, what a diversity, what an urge for innovations, I never saw any of the promotional and branding partners in Goa. We are really happy to work with you! Goa is life for us, you made it worth for living, to my clients and customers.
    Devsurabhi Yaduvanshi
    It has been great working with ParsBEM, the designs and ambiance for my cafetaurant, literally pulled enormous amount of customers over at my place. I have made my decisions to open up same themed cafetaurants with your help for branding and interiors. I have not seen any companies who provide almost every service under one roof. I feel like TCL is the going to become the king of cafetaurants soon!
    Bhushan Waghmare
    Owner (Proprietor)
    It is indeed our pleasure to be your channel partners. Our technology and your innovations for branding, we do make a good team. “Sky is the limit for us”
    Sanjay Deshpande
    “You help us to serve better food to our customers”. It is very difficult to start a restaurant, as everyone have the same doubt whether it will run feasibly or not. For us, there was literally no doubt to care about branding and promotions. You seriously showed us that, “we deserve better”.
    Sachin D.
    “Better Service starts here”. We are explaining this with very simple words, as I found out that our company was just a company before, today, it is a brand. We hope you will continue the same till we become the top real-estate developers in India.
    Amol Pataskar
    Managing Director

    Other cases

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