The Master Plan

    Incubation & Fundraising
    We assist you to analyze, enhance, strategize, incubate and accelarate your business to make it reach new heights, ensuring long-term sustainability.
    Market Research & BI
    Our market research, business insights & intelligence and domain expertise that helps organizations to achieve their business goals.
    Business & Revenue Model
    Our experts assist to conceptualize and actualize your business and revenue model, on the basis of market trends, time, place, budgetary and monetary factors.

    ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is a united consultancy company in Business, Engineering and Marketing segment. We provide cutting edge technologies to deliver optimum solutions. Fulfilling customer expectations and asks is our proud concern.

    We have the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help your venture become a success. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited comprises of professionals who have extensive experience with backgrounds in Marketing, Engineering, Management and entrepreneurial endeavors. We strive to integrate our expertise in functional areas with our diverse experience and provide optimum solutions for our clients’ businesses. We help set up your business and handle the key management functions of core analysis, incorporation, finance, incubation and growth, market research and strategy, sales and marketing, along-with technology enabled business empowering tools. We assist to run entire businesses or manage specific functions in a company, typically for start-ups, small & middle scale firms, companies & organizations. The idea is to allow the promoters to focus on their core technical and business expertise, while we will take up specialized roles to start, scale up, accelerate, transition or simply manage the venture’s growth capacity and capability

    We offer business insights and intelligence, techno-commercial feasibility study and strategic planning, to our client for business growth. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited focuses client benefit from our market research and domain expertise that helps organizations to achieve their business goal. We analyze the market trends as well as the market entry barriers and create an algorithm that provides specific insights, which are highly valued in the industry. ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited provides comprehensive and customized research through a unique blend of domain expertise, excellent critical assessment skills and tailored processes that cater to the particular needs of its customers, which includes market intelligence insights and research on competition, industry, sector or categories.

    Our “Franchise My Business” module is, if anyone is looking to operate their business with one or more locations, we develop and nurture your business successfully. We offer an effective business plan to en route your business into building a national and international network without requiring the management infrastructure, time and capital investment of company-owned expansion.

    Our consistent attention to the key deliverables of client satisfaction, timeliness, accuracy and a clear perspective of nurturing long-term relationships have ensured that we strive to have satisfied clients across the globe. What differentiates us, is that – we provide superior services in the segments of Business, Engineering & Marketing under one consolidated roof. We conglomerate different platforms / tools using international & superior methodologies to make our organization customer centric as customer’s interests comes first.

    We are very much concerned with global warming & its effects. And hence we strive to support environmentally sustainable technologies under the word – ‘Go Green’.

    We support social cause by contributing our personal involvement & making strong efforts to make the world a better place to live in for the less privileged, in the best ways possible making the most of our capabilities.

    Our History

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      Founded - 2017
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      Growth Hacking
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      Go Global

    Started Laying Its Foundation in 2017

    The company was launched with a staff of 9 people

    Consortium of Consultants - 2017

    "To grow and let grow" - this was the plan of the directors with a formation of consortium of consultants (experts) from various sectors.

    Ecosystem of companies - 2018

    By formation of broad array of technical as well as commercial experts and forming a community of world-wide growing companies who requires growth, a transition environment was developed by the directors

    Social Events for Startups and incubatees - 2018

    Social events were planned in various colleges, startup summits and other conferences for gathering up of hardworking entrepreneurs with a plan of action for the incubatees who were looking for a proper Incubator / Incubation company

    Advancements of Growth Hacking Techniques w.r.t. Market trends & Entry Barriers

    Every day Technology comes with something new. It was very difficult to achieve the goals of entrepreneurs with respect to the advancements in technology. At that very moment, Team ParsBEM derived "Growth Hacking Techniques" which flourished the dreams of more than 90+ entrepreneurs & incubatees.

    Go Global - Rise in the world's fastest growing economies - 2019

    Every idea should be nurtured, nourished and flourished properly with securing the research and analytics for various on-growing and super-growing businesses. Team ParsBEM launched 2 new offices in United States and Australia for getting new opportunities and new researches in various markets.

    Why choose us?

    Global Partnership
    We partner up with the global researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers for developing a more efficient model
    Defined by our People
    We assemble various groups and groups of experts of multi-diversity sectors to gain up essential knowledge in trends, technology and operations
    Accuracy in Research
    With a versatility of adapting different methods and techniques in various sectors, we provide 99.3% accurate research and analysis reports for any industry or class
    “Our dream was our desire, today, our desire is to dream”. We had a doubt that will ParsBEM would be able to take care of Matrix’s Market research and strategic planning for multiple countries? But, only in the time span of 60 days we got a clear clarity of where and what areas we should target in. As we are located in Germany, we never hoped for a better vision about other countries. We appreciate it, Mr. Dharia, grow more! You will surely have our back.
    Onkar Kalwade
    Goa’n Culture is very different. People come to visit Goa but they never follow our culture. We never thought we would merge with a company for any of the marketing services. But, working with you guys, it was magnificent! What an attitude, what a diversity, what an urge for innovations, I never saw any of the promotional and branding partners in Goa. We are really happy to work with you! Goa is life for us, you made it worth for living, to my clients and customers.
    Devsurabhi Yaduvanshi
    It has been great working with ParsBEM, the designs and ambiance for my cafetaurant, literally pulled enormous amount of customers over at my place. I have made my decisions to open up same themed cafetaurants with your help for branding and interiors. I have not seen any companies who provide almost every service under one roof. I feel like TCL is the going to become the king of cafetaurants soon!
    Bhushan Waghmare
    Owner (Proprietor)
    It is indeed our pleasure to be your channel partners. Our technology and your innovations for branding, we do make a good team. “Sky is the limit for us”
    Sanjay Deshpande
    “You help us to serve better food to our customers”. It is very difficult to start a restaurant, as everyone have the same doubt whether it will run feasibly or not. For us, there was literally no doubt to care about branding and promotions. You seriously showed us that, “we deserve better”.
    Sachin D.
    “Better Service starts here”. We are explaining this with very simple words, as I found out that our company was just a company before, today, it is a brand. We hope you will continue the same till we become the top real-estate developers in India.
    Amol Pataskar
    Managing Director


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